Why should I hire a pest control specialist? I can just kill the bugs myself.

Pest Control in Seabrook Island, SC

Imagine this: You're sitting in your living room enjoying a nice evening with your family when your sweet tooth strikes, and you get up to go to the kitchen. You just purchased a brand-new pint of your favorite ice cream, and it's ready and waiting for you to dig in. You take it out of the freezer, open the lid, and look down at the cold, creamy treat in front of you. But before you splurge, you need a spoon to help. You can't be getting ice cream all over your fingers, after all.

You walk a couple of steps to the drawer, grab a spoon, and turn around with your mouth watering. Only now, it looks like something has beat you to the first bite. It's a giant cockroach, and it's sitting right on top of the fresh pint of ice cream you opened less than a minute ago. You can see its small, hairy legs digging into your delectable dessert - legs that have undoubtedly crawled over much worse things than the ice cream you bought.

Now, your ice cream is ruined, and you've got that creepy-crawly feeling that other roaches and bugs are living just under the surface of every counter and floorboard of your house. Unfortunately, that scenario could be very true - and depending on the pest, your family could be at risk.

For most Lowcountry residents, home is a sanctuary of comfort and privacy. It's a place where they can relax and spend quality time with their loved ones after a tiring day at work. However, pests like roaches and rodents are not mindful of boundaries and can invade your personal space at any moment. That fresh pint of ice cream you left on the counter? That's their meal for the evening.

They seek refuge and sustenance inside your dwelling, which is an appalling thought for most homeowners. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be your reality when you have pest control in Seabrook Island, SC from Low Country Pest Management.

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A Critter-Free Home Starts with Low Country Pest Management

At Low Country Pest Management, we know how crucial it is for your home or business to be clean and pest-free. That's why we approach every pest control project with highly-trained technicians, effective control methods, and eco-friendly solutions.

In fact, we make it a point to provide all our customers with top-quality workmanship, reliability, and exceptional customer service, no matter how complex or simple the job may be. When you call Low Country Pest Management about a pest control problem, you can rest assured that it will be addressed safely, efficiently, and professionally.

Unlike some pest control companies in South Carolina, our expert technicians use the most advanced state-of-the-art tools and control strategies, complemented by decades of combined pest control experience. We specialize in many types of pest control and address a wide range of pests, including:

To truly serve our customers with effective pest control services, our tactics go beyond basic pest treatments by inspecting your home and making recommendations for pest-proofing your structure. By using targeted, eco-friendly pest control tactics based on Integrated Pest Management, we can prevent pests from entering your home in the first place. That way, you and your family can sleep well at night, knowing you don't have to worry about an infestation.

At Low Country Management, we address many types of pests, from termite control in Seabrook Island, SC, to rodent control and even crawlspace encapsulations for pests.

Lowcountry Pest Management Seabrook Island, SC
  • Rodents Rodents
  • Roaches Termites
  • Roaches Roaches
  • Crickets Crickets
  • Ants Ants
  • Centipedes Centipedes
  • Fleas Fleas
  • Earwigs Earwigs
  • Silverfish Silverfish
  • Spiders Spiders

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Pest Control in Seabrook Island, SC?

At Low Country Pest Management, one of the most common questions we hear online is, "Why should I hire a pest control specialist? I can just kill the bugs myself." While this is true to a certain extent, truly effective pest control requires professional tools, strategies, and experience. Stomping a spider on your living room floor isn't going to control or prevent them from coming back.

Here are just a few reasons why homeowners and business owners should consider hiring a pest control company to remedy their problems.

Reduced Chance of Illness and Health Issues

Reduced Chance of Illness and Health Issues

Working with a pest control company like Low Country Pest Management can reduce and even eliminate many common health concerns relating to pests. Because the truth is many pests can transfer harmful bacteria and diseases via their droppings, bites, and more, causing allergic reactions and worse.

Professional Knowledge and Expertise

Professional Knowledge and Expertise

When it comes to pest control, it's best to leave it to the professionals. They have the knowledge and training to handle pests efficiently and effectively. With access to the latest tools and technology, you can trust that they will take care of any pest infestations in a safe and thorough manner. At Low Country Pest Management, we cater our pest control methods to your needs and your home or business for the most effective results. Contact our office today to learn more about our effective approach to pest control in Seabrook Island, SC.

Less Stress

Less Stress

When you're aware that you have a pest issue, it can be hard not to over-stress and overthink the situation. If you're losing sleep due to a fear of bed bugs, spiders, or other pests, professional pest control can help you stress less. Once your infestation is over, you can finally breathe again. To keep your stress levels low, our technicians don't just eliminate pests from your living space – they tell you how they did it and explain the steps you can take to avoid pests in the future.

Cost-Conscious Pest Control Solutions

Cost-Conscious Pest Control Solutions

Choosing a professional pest control service is a more budget-friendly option than attempting DIY methods. DIY solutions are often less effective and may not completely eradicate the issue. Professional pest control companies possess the necessary skills and equipment to ensure the task is accomplished correctly, ultimately saving you money in the future. Furthermore, they can complete the job quickly, removing pests promptly so that you can quickly resume your normal routine.

Avoid Costly Damage to Your Home

Avoid Costly Damage to Your Home

If not taken care of, pests can cause severe harm to your property. They can spoil food, ruin furniture and fixtures, and even harm the structural stability of your home or business. To avoid such damage and save money, you should consider hiring a professional pest control service.

At Low Country Pest Management, we provide peace of mind for our customers through our reliable, effective pest control services in South Carolina. Some of the most requested services we offer include rodent control, termite control, and crawlspace encapsulations.

 Just Kill The Bugs Seabrook Island, SC

At Low Country Pest Management, we provide peace of mind for our customers through our reliable, effective pest control services in South Carolina. Some of the most requested services we offer include rodent control, termite control, and crawlspace encapsulations.

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Is There a Rat Hiding in Your Home?

It's Time for Rodent Control in Seabrook Island, SC

Discovering a rat, mouse, squirrel, or other rodent in your home can be a distressing experience. These nasty creatures are known for their destructive behavior, chewing on wires, spreading bacteria, and leaving behind dangerous droppings.

Rodents are also known to breed and multiply quickly. While it may be tempting to take matters into your own hands and swat them away with a broom, seeking professional rodent control services is the safest and most effective way to protect your loved ones. Our skilled rodent control technicians are licensed and have the necessary expertise and equipment to provide long-term solutions for your family's safety.

Our effective rodent control strategies include sealing as many holes and cracks as possible on the outside of your home. Large holes or cracks in your foundation are filled with steel wool or wire mesh before sealing with caulk or foam to keep mice from chewing through. Our pest control techs then seal any openings into your attic space to prevent mice and other unwanted guests out.

Some of the most common rodents we keep out of your home include the following:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Opossums
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • More

Low Country Pest Management Pro Tip:

Great rodent control doesn't end when our technicians leave. To keep rodents as far away from your home as possible, remember to keep materials, such as firewood or stacks of lumber, away from the house to minimize hiding places. Debris and leaves should be removed from around the foundation of your home. Lastly, try to keep the inside of your home clean, tidy, and free of food items lying around.

Pest Control Seabrook Island, SC

Protect Your Home and Belongings with

Termite Control in Seabrook Island, SC

Termites can cause significant damage to your home's aesthetics and structural integrity, surpassing that of hurricanes and fires combined. With a single colony consisting of thousands or millions of members, termites have an endless supply of their favorite food: wood. As they relentlessly consume wood and other materials, extensive subterranean and dry wood damage can occur.

Unfortunately, in South Carolina, without professional termite control, it's not a matter of if termites will find your home but when. To make matters worse, most homeowner insurance policies do not cover termite damage, meaning it's imperative that you deal with termite infestations quickly and efficiently. If you suspect a termite infestation in your home, reach out to Low Country Pest Management ASAP for an inspection.

Our termite solutions include a bi-annual inspection (coming out to your house twice a year) instead of the standard one time per year, protecting your home from termites in South Carolina, including the destructive subterranean termite. Most other termite exterminators in South Carolina don't provide such comprehensive service.

 Rodent Control Seabrook Island, SC
 Termite Control Seabrook Island, SC

What Factors Contribute to Termites in Your Home?

In the Lowcountry and other areas of South Carolina, termites infest homes every day for various reasons. Different types of termites are attracted to wood, but each species has a specific preference for the type of wood they consume. Dampwood termites prefer damp wood, while drywood termites look for dry wood. On the other hand, subterranean termites require moist soil nearby and will devour any wood in contact with or close to the earth.

The following factors may lead to a termite infestation in your home:

  • Year-Round Humidity
  • Warm or Hot Weather
  • Moisture Due to Leaky Pipes, Bad Airflow, or Poor Drainage
  • Wood in Contact with Your Home, Like Mulch and Shrubs
  • Gaps in Your Home's Siding
  • Cracks or Fissures in the Foundation of Your Home

Tips for a Termite-Free Home

While professional termite control is always the best route to go for effective, long-term termite prevention, there are some steps you can take to help mitigate termites in your home.

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Correct Drainage Issues

To keep termites at bay, it's important to avoid excess moisture around your home. Termites thrive in damp conditions, so proper drainage around your house can help prevent an infestation. Check that your downspouts are directing water away from your home, and ensure that your A/C drip lines and faucets aren't causing water to pool around your foundation. Additionally, be sure to clean your gutters regularly to prevent any excess moisture buildup.

Move Mulch

Move Mulch

Most mulches are made of wood and are also damp or wet, creating the perfect environment for termites to thrive. Make sure you rake any mulch you have away from the foundation of your home to minimize termite infestations.

Keep Firewood Away

Keep Firewood Away

Much like mulch, firewood and other forms of wood like discarded branches can give termites easy access to your home when they're too close. Try to move firewood away from the foundation of your home much like you move mulch. For more tips on how you can mitigate a termite infestation in your home, contact Low Country Pest Management.

Crawlspace Pest Encapsulations:

Prevention from the Ground Up

To maintain an active infestation, household pests require three basic requirements: a food source, a harborage area for survival and reproduction, and moisture. Moisture problems within a property often lead to pest issues, making it necessary to include crawl space insect control in your home maintenance plan. Low Country Pest Management recognizes that eliminating excess moisture is crucial to safeguarding a property and its occupants from pests throughout the year.

That's why we often install crawlspace encapsulation for issues like rodent and termite control in Seabrook Island, SC.

 Pest Encapsulation Seabrook Island, SC
 Seabrook Island, SC

What is Crawlspace Encapsulation for Pest Control?

Encapsulation for pests is a tactic that includes covering the walls of your crawlspace with a heavy-duty vapor barrier material to help minimize moisture and, by proxy, keep pests at bay. This barrier is secured to your foundation's walls and ceiling piers. To further benefit an encapsulation for pest control, our team may use dehumidifiers, foundation fans, or foundation vents to further decrease moisture.

Signs You Need a Crawlspace Pest Encapsulation

Excessive moisture in and around a house can lead to the proliferation of household pests like rodents, spiders, house ants, carpenter ants, centipedes, earwigs, and crickets. If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to consider crawl space insect control.

  • Smells of Must or Mold
  • Mildew on Your Floors or Ceilings
  • Soil in Crawlspace is Wet
  • Bricks or Masonry Around Home is Crumbling
  • Standing or Pooling Water Within or Near Foundation
  • Discoloration on Your Home’s Siding
  • Porch and Patio Water Stains
  • Spongy-Feeling Flooring

To learn more about pest encapsulation services from Low Country Pest Management, contact our office today. We would be happy to explain our process and hear more about the issues you're facing.

Lowcountry Pest Management Seabrook Island, SC

Trust the Best When

It's Time to Eliminate Pests

Whether you need rodent control in Seabrook Island, SC, or you're dealing with another form of pests such as termites, roaches, spiders, and more, Low Country Pest Management is here to help. Unlike some of our competition, our #1 goal is to ensure your safety, satisfaction, and peace of mind. Our team of skilled pest control professionals implements environmentally-friendly solutions supported by thorough research and cutting-edge methods to permanently eradicate your pest infestation.

In the unlikely event that any pests remain present after treatment, we'll return to your home or business to make it right. At the end of the day, we aim to simplify your pest control process in South Carolina, so you can focus on loving life in the Lowcountry.

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Latest News in Seabrook Island, SC

Plans for yacht club concerns sea island residents

SEABROOK ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - The potential for a new yacht club and several docks on Seabrook Island is concerning Sea Islanders and environmental advocates.Town of Seabrook leaders discussed those plans Wednesday, which would include the annexation of a portion of Charleston County into Seabrook island.The town’s planning commission voted 4-1 to recommend moving forward with the annexation to the town council.The nearly 18-acre site, called the “Andell Tract,” sits between Bohicket Marina and Betsy K...

SEABROOK ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - The potential for a new yacht club and several docks on Seabrook Island is concerning Sea Islanders and environmental advocates.

Town of Seabrook leaders discussed those plans Wednesday, which would include the annexation of a portion of Charleston County into Seabrook island.

The town’s planning commission voted 4-1 to recommend moving forward with the annexation to the town council.

The nearly 18-acre site, called the “Andell Tract,” sits between Bohicket Marina and Betsy Kerrison Parkway on Johns Island.

the plan includes a private Yacht Club and amenities such as a boat house, pool house and detached hotel containing 10 two-story cottages, according to town documents.

It also has public spaces including a boardwalk, pathways and a community crabbing dock.

Dana Beach, the founder of the Coastal Conservation League, said his two main concerns about the proposal are the environmental impacts on the water, and the crossing of Charleston County’s Urban Growth Boundary.

He said if The Town of Seabrook annexes this portion of Charleston County into their town for development, it could set a precedent for other local municipalities to do the same.

“The town may say ‘this is only a 20-acre parcel that in itself isn’t a big deal,” Beach said. “That’s what Charleston could say if it wanted to coming down from the north, that’s what Kiawah could say as it comes in from the East, even Folly Beach could say that.”

Robby Maynor, the Communities and Transportation Program Director for Coastal Conservation League echoed Beach’s point while addressing the planning commission at Wednesday’s meeting.

“There is an ongoing effort for collaboration between the municipalities on the sea islands to reaffirm that growth boundary to help strike a balance between development and preservation, this annexation would be a step in the wrong direction,” Maynor said.

The majority of the 544 written comments and 10 in person comments were against the development, although some community members spoke in its’ favor.

“I believe a Yacht Club is an amenity that fits perfectly within our diverse group of people,” Seabrook resident, Jackie Helline, said.

Mike Shuler, the Owner and Managing Partner for Bohicket Marina Investors, said he respectfully disagrees with the fear that this annexation may set a precedent for other municipalities to cross Charleston County’s Urban Growth boundary.

“What we are annexing is part of Seabrook’s comprehensive plan. Whether it crosses an Urban Growth Boundary, in my opinion, isn’t relevant here,” Shuler said. “Not to mention, further expansion beyond the property we are contemplating here is not possible because of conservation easements that are in place.”

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Discover the Largest Island in South Carolina (And the Creatures that Call It Home)

South Carolina has 35 barrier islands (also called sea islands,) more than any other state except Florida. Barrier islands run paralle...

South Carolina has 35 barrier islands (also called sea islands,) more than any other state except Florida. Barrier islands run parallel to the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and shield the mainland from the brunt of sea storms. The islands are home to wide sandy beaches, sea grass beds, vegetated uplands, and Lowcountry marshes.

What Is the Largest Island in South Carolina?

At 84 square miles in area, St. Johns is the largest Island in South Carolina. Located in Charleston County, it’s the fourth largest island on the East Coast. Situated between the city of Charleston and the barrier island beaches that border the Atlantic Coast, a portion of the island is located within the city limits of Charleston.

Technically an island, yet not bordered by the open sea, the Stono and Kiawah Rivers are what separates Johns Island from its border islands and the mainland.

What Is the History of Johns Island?

Colonialists arrived on Johns Island from English settlements in the Caribbean and named it after Saint John Parish in Barbados. However, Native American tribes, including the Stono, Bohicket, and Kiawah Indians, were already living on the island.

The settlers brought the crop, indigo, from Barbados and cultivated it in the Lowcountry of Johns Island. By the mid-1700s, indigo became the main export for the island. A popular bright blue dye, indigo grown on Johns Island was commonly sold to England. During the height of indigo production, the Stono Rebellion occurred. The settlers relied on slaves to grow and produce their crops. In 1739, a group of slaves on Johns Island rebelled and attempted to escape to Florida, which was under the rule of the Spanish at the time.

However, the uprising was unsuccessful and plantation owners captured the slaves before they could reach freedom. During the Revolutionary War, the British market for indigo was disrupted, and England began to turn to India for its indigo supply. By the 1800s, indigo was no longer listed as a crop for Johns Island.

Johns Island has been the site of several important historical events. Occupied by British troops during the Revolutionary War, Johns Island also endured the Battle of Bloody Bridge during the Civil War. Today, visitors can view the historical site marking the Civil War battle at the Burdens Causeway.

Currently, Johns Island has a population of 21,500 and growing. The nearness of downtown Charleston, the beautiful scenery of the Lowcountry, and the nearby sandy beaches of the barrier islands make Johns Island a popular spot for new development.

What Do People Do at Johns Island?

Today, Johns Island is known for local farmers’ markets, historical parks, and towering oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. Although new developments are cropping up on the island, about 75% of the island remains rural with agricultural and horse farms, large acreage estates, and waterfront communities. Just a few miles south is the resort community of Kiawah Island.

One of the main attractions on Johns Island is the Angel Oak, a live oak tree that is thought to be the largest living oak tree east of the Mississippi River. Estimated to be around 400 years old, it’s the oldest tree in South Carolina. The massive tree is 65 feet tall and 25.5 feet around. Further, it provides shade to a staggering 17,000 square foot area. Surrounding the tree is a small park with a visitor’s center and a gift shop.

Another popular activity on the island is shopping at the Freshfields Village, an open-air shopping center with over 30 shops, numerous restaurants, and a boutique hotel.

The Goatery at Kiawah River is a small artisan goat dairy farm specializing in goat cheese and soaps. The farm offers private tours, classes for children, and goat yoga. The farm also doubles as a goat sanctuary, offering many goats a forever home.

Where Is Johns Island on a Map?

Johns Island is in between Charleston and the barrier islands. It’s surrounded by Kiawah, Seabrook, Wadmalaw, Edisto, James, and Folly Islands. The Stono and Kiawah Rivers separate Johns Island from the mainland and the barrier islands.

What Animals Live on Johns Island?

Johns Island is teeming with wildlife. Although there are many homes, shops, and restaurants on the island, much of the land remains undeveloped, providing habitat for numerous species. On the island, it’s common to see deer, raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, otters, wild hogs, and even alligators.

The rivers and marshes on the island are abundant with oysters, trout, black sea bass, bluefish, and bottlenose dolphins. Birds found in the area include many species such as osprey, bald eagles, wild turkeys, and egrets.

Planned yacht club advances after Seabrook Island board OKs annexation, land use change

SEABROOK ISLAND — Three decades after a plan to create a 400-slip marina through a canal and lock project on Johns Island was rejected, a scaled-down proposal calls for a private yacht club on nearly 18 acres in the same general area on Bohicket Creek.Conservationists and several area ...

SEABROOK ISLAND — Three decades after a plan to create a 400-slip marina through a canal and lock project on Johns Island was rejected, a scaled-down proposal calls for a private yacht club on nearly 18 acres in the same general area on Bohicket Creek.

Conservationists and several area residents oppose the development called Andell, but Seabook Island’s Planning Commission voted 4-1 on July 12 to recommend annexing the site and zoning the property for a mixed-used development. Town council will have final say.

Bohicket Creek Investors LLC of Charleston wants to build a boat dock with a private clubhouse, boathouse and poolhouse along with outdoor amenities and 10 rental cottages for members and the public at 4484 Betsy Kerrison Parkway.

“Annexing gives Seabrook future control of the site,” said Mike Shuler, the property owner’s principal and managing partner. “It will substantially limit future development of the site.”

The property, currently zoned for agricultural and residential use in unincorporated Charleston County, would allow “a variety of agricultural and light industrial uses ... which could have significantly greater impact on the existing natural features than the proposed development,” according to the town’s planning staff, which recommended conditional project approval.

Among those opposing the project is the Coastal Conservation League.

Robby Maynor, the Charleston-based environmental group’s communities and transportation program director, said the project is outside the region’s “urban growth boundary” and called the proposed development “a step in the opposite direction” of protecting rural acreage.

He also cited potentially adverse effects from pollution runoff into Bohicket Creek, increased boat traffic and encroachment into critical habitat areas.

A half dozen others cited similar concerns before the Planning Commission’s vote. The board also noted it had received more than 500 comments about the proposal with the vast majority in opposition.

Proponents of the project said that the property’s current zoning allows multiple uses than what’s being proposed, that the town will have more control over the property if it is annexed and that the development will provide recreational opportunities.

The project’s name is similar to a proposed development from 30 years ago called Andell Harbor that called for a massive earth-moving operation with a man-made channel connecting to a large marina. State environmental regulators eventually nixed the idea in the mid-1990s.

The yacht club site is beside Bohicket Marina, which also is owned by Shuler’s group, and the two would be connected by a boardwalk and road. The planned entrance to the new development is across from Kiawah Island Town Hall.

Cottages would flank both sides of the drive leading to the yacht club.

Plans show the development on about 4 acres of the site near the creek. The rest of the property would be set aside as open space, including a 75-foot wooded buffer next to the parkway and a 20-foot vegetated area next to the northwest parcel in the county.

The site also would include a public boardwalk, pathways and a community crabbing dock.

Bohicket Creek Investors bought the tract in 2021 for $5.6 million, according to Charleston County land records. Nearby properties include Freshfields Village Shopping Center.

Bohicket Marina, which is in the town of Seabrook Island, is southwest of the proposed development.

If the property is annexed into the town, it would tie into the town’s sewer system, with St. John’s Water Co. proving water service

The yacht club would be separate from the community and recreational facilities provided by Seabrook Island Property Owners Association and Seabrook Island Club.

Town Council is scheduled to review the proposal on Aug. 22. The measure requires a public hearing and two majority votes in separate meetings to pass.

MUSC Health breaks ground on Sea Islands Medical Pavilion

The more than 20,000 square foot facility will be located at 1884 Seabrook Island Road, near Bohicket Marina. The Sea Islands community is expected to undergo significant population growth over the next few years, especially those residents 65 and older. The Sea Islands are also geographically isolated, situated more than 20 miles from the nearest hospital. The area also accommodates a large seasonal population of tourists, many of whom have trouble navigating local health care services.“It can take up to 45 minutes to get to th...

The more than 20,000 square foot facility will be located at 1884 Seabrook Island Road, near Bohicket Marina. The Sea Islands community is expected to undergo significant population growth over the next few years, especially those residents 65 and older. The Sea Islands are also geographically isolated, situated more than 20 miles from the nearest hospital. The area also accommodates a large seasonal population of tourists, many of whom have trouble navigating local health care services.

“It can take up to 45 minutes to get to the nearest hospital from the Sea Islands. That’s too long for an emergency situation such as a stroke, where every minute counts. As the state’s only comprehensive academic health system, we are committed to delivering the best possible care, closest to home,” said David J. Cole, M.D., FACS, MUSC president. “This new medical pavilion will provide rapid access to outstanding care for the entire Sea Islands community.”

As part of the MUSC Health system’s overarching strategy, the MUSC Health Charleston Division has worked to provide better community access and local care in the greater Tri-County region, as well as coastal communities to the north and south of Charleston. This enables better capacity at the flagship facilities, which offer specialized and complex care downtown while enhancing overall accessibility and continuity of care for patients and families, especially in underserved communities. Since 2019, four new multispecialty ambulatory care platforms have opened in West Ashley, North Charleston and Mount Pleasant.

In addition to 24/7 emergency care, the facility will offer two trauma rooms, a rooftop helicopter pad, and a medical office building that will provide primary and specialty care, including imaging and lab services, cardiology and physical therapy. A telemedicine network will connect the entire facility to some of the nation’s top providers at MUSC Health in downtown Charleston. The Town of Kiawah Island donated $1 million to create a healing, restful green space and garden adjacent to the new facility.

“Accessibility to the wonderful health system and hospitals we have here has been a concern, so it was exciting to hear about this project,” said Town of Kiawah Mayor John Labriola. “My hat’s off to the MUSC Board of Trustees and the institution’s leadership, because getting a certificate of need is not easy… personally, I look forward to the ribbon cutting and seeing our garden that will be named for the Town of Kiawah.”

The project was made possible in part by Kiawah Partners, which was acquired by South Street Partners in 2013, who donated 6 acres of land to the Medical University Hospital Authority (MUSC Health), valued at $4.85 million.

"This project was initiated to meet the huge need for medical services on Kiawah Island, Seabrook, and Johns Island. With no convenient emergency healthcare options currently available, we have been working for seven-plus years to figure out a way to bring accessible healthcare to the Sea Islands,” said Chris Randolph, South Street Partners. “Thanks to MUSC, we will soon have a world-class medical facility that provides so much more than what we had originally envisioned. We couldn’t be more pleased to have been able to donate the land for this project and feel very grateful to partner with such an excellent health care system.”

Of the estimated $30 million needed to fund the project, MUSC is committed to raising $17 million in private support. To date, it has received more than $9.5 million in confirmed gifts, with many coming from local residents.

“Private support is critical to the long-term success of the MUSC Health Sea Islands Medical Pavilion because of the many financial challenges that come with operating a medical facility in this community,” said Kate Azizi, vice president for Institutional Advancement. “One challenge is the low population density of the Sea Islands. While this is an aging population that needs timely access to medical care – there aren’t enough people living in these communities full time to sustain our operations. Philanthropic support helps fill those gaps, allowing us to deliver the best care possible where and when it’s needed.”

Donors Chris and DeeDee Gibson are giving $2 million to the project. In recognition of their generosity, the physical therapy space will be named in their honor. “My family has been coming to Kiawah for close to 40 years,” Chris Gibson said. “When my wife DeeDee and I built a home here, she had one request: that there was a hospital nearby in case of an emergency. All these years later, we are excited to contribute to the new MUSC Health Sea Islands Medical Pavilion and to help make these vital medical services available to our neighbors on Kiawah, Seabrook and Johns islands.”

“The construction of a full-fledged medical facility with emergency services is a dream come true for all Johns, Kiawah and Seabrook Islands,” said local resident Pam Harrington, who donated $2 million and will name the emergency department after the Harrington family. “As our population continues to grow and more folks are retiring to our area, the demand for medical services grows with it! Being a Kiawah/Cassique resident for many years, the addition of a medical pavilion fills a real need that has existed over several decades. Prior to my 40-plus years in real estate on the islands I was a practicing ICU nurse. This medical center is near and dear to my heart! As a thank you and show of appreciation to all who have been so supportive of my success, here, on the Sea Islands, it seems befitting to take this opportunity to give back in a meaningful way.”

Construction is expected to conclude in late 2023.

Quote bank:

Seabrook Mayor John Gregg – “It is indeed my pleasure to welcome MUSC to Seabrook Island, as our local community will be well served by the capabilities of this facility and the practitioners who will staff it. We look forward to having better availability of care, ranging from emergency room treatment, to advanced diagnostics for the ailments, bumps, pains, scrapes, stings, and strains that come with having an active and diverse population.”

MUSC Board of Trustees Vice Chairman Charles Schulze – “On behalf of the board, I want to acknowledge, commend, and deeply, deeply thank you for your dedication hard work and the public private collaboration that is taking place to get us to where we are today. As an air force veteran of the Vietnam war, I know the importance and necessity of teamwork. When you have a complex mission ahead of you in those situations, your unity as a team is your biggest strength… And it didn't matter where you live, where you were from or what your background was in our military. You learned that persistence, perseverance, collaboration, and expertise are critical to the success of a mission. And it's been no different in this case. When the board began to discuss the feasibility of this project, we knew it wasn't going to happen without teamwork and vision. Not only from everybody at MUSC, but also from the community here in the sea islands.”

MUSC Health System CEO and Executive Vice President of Health Affairs Dr. Pat Cawley – “What makes this project challenging is that it doesn’t fit into normal health constructs. We spent a lot of time with the community, trying to gauge what was needed and it was clear that there was tremendous community support for this project and it was the engagement with the concept of neighbors caring for neighbors and the work of the community to reach out to state officials and regulators that helped make this project a reality. MUSC Health is proud to be a part of this community and its health care provider of choice, and we are humbled by the level of support we are receiving to bring this shared vision to reality.”


About MUSC

Founded in 1824 in Charleston, MUSC is the state’s only comprehensive academic health system, with a unique mission to preserve and optimize human life in South Carolina through education, research and patient care. Each year, MUSC educates more than 3,000 students in six colleges – Dental Medicine, Graduate Studies, Health Professions, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy – and trains more than 850 residents and fellows in its health system. MUSC brought in more than $327.6 million in research funds in fiscal year 2021, leading the state overall in research funding. MUSC also leads the state in federal and National Institutes of Health funding, with more than $220 million. For information on academic programs, visit web.musc.edu

As the health care system of the Medical University of South Carolina, MUSC Health is dedicated to delivering the highest quality and safest patient care while educating and training generations of outstanding health care providers and leaders to serve the people of South Carolina and beyond. Patient care is provided at 14 hospitals with approximately 2,500 beds and five additional hospital locations in development; more than 350 telehealth sites, with connectivity to patients’ homes; and nearly 750 care locations situated in all regions of South Carolina. In 2022, for the eighth consecutive year, U.S. News & World Report named MUSC Health the No. 1 hospital in South Carolina. To learn more about clinical patient services, visit muschealth.org.

MUSC and its affiliates have collective annual budgets totaling $5.1 billion. The nearly 25,000 MUSC team members include world-class faculty, physicians, specialty providers, scientists, students, affiliates and care team members who deliver and support groundbreaking education, research, and patient care.

10 Scenic Beaches Near Charleston For A Sunny Escape

There are plenty of good reasons to make the trip to Charleston, South Carolina: Historic homes make for colorful photo ops, the restaurant scene is fresh and inventive, and locally owned stores and boutiques make for unparalleled shopping. Some of the Holy City's greatest assets, though, aren't actually within the city limits. Pack the sunscr...

There are plenty of good reasons to make the trip to Charleston, South Carolina: Historic homes make for colorful photo ops, the restaurant scene is fresh and inventive, and locally owned stores and boutiques make for unparalleled shopping. Some of the Holy City's greatest assets, though, aren't actually within the city limits. Pack the sunscreen and load the car because the scenic beaches near Charleston are a gem. You won't find ultra-crowded beaches, just a quiet spot to relax and soak up the sunshine. The smooth sand, cool water, and near-perfect weather will make you think you've found pure bliss. Here, find our guide to the sun-drenched beaches that are just a quick drive from the Charleston Peninsula. They're worth the detour.

1. Kiawah Island

While the 23-mile drive from the peninsula out to Kiawah Island takes about 40 minutes on a good day, the pristine stretch of sand at Kiawah's public Beachwalker Park is well worth it. It's quiet, especially for a public park, fronts the ocean, and also offers views of the Kiawah River. Beach chair and umbrella rentals are available seasonally, and dogs are welcome, as long as they're on a leash. Explore Kiawah Island's private beaches by renting a house or villa on the island or booking a stay at the Sanctuary, the island's luxurious oceanfront hotel.

2. Folly Beach

Just 12 miles from downtown, the "Edge of America" is the grooviest of Charleston's nearby beaches. It's a popular hangout for surfers, who frequent "The Washout," a stretch of coast known for having the area's best waves. Center Street, the bohemian beach town's colorful main thoroughfare, is lined with surf and souvenir shops and good eats, like Taco Boy and Rita's Seaside Grille, and is just steps away from Folly's 1,045-foot fishing pier.

3. Isle of Palms

The oceanfront county park on this barrier island has picnic tables, a sand volleyball court, and a playground for the littlest beach bums, making it a great place to take the whole family. Venture a little farther down the beach, beyond the park, to discover a number of fun beachfront bars and eateries, like family-friendly Coconut Joe's Beach Grill and The Windjammer, a classic dive bar and music venue that's as salty as they come. Paddle the intercoastal waterway from Isle of Palms where you may encounter dolphins and get up close to coves and marshes.

4. Seabrook Island

Though the island's nearly 4 miles of unspoiled beaches are private to residents and rental guests only (book your stay here), Seabrook is still worth a stop if you're already making the trip out to Kiawah's Beachwalker Park, which is just a few miles away. An Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary, Seabrook is home to a variety of wildlife, including foxes, bobcats, deer, sea turtles, and bottlenose dolphins. Head to Bohicket Marina for a sunset stroll by the river, then plop down at an outdoor table at the Salty Dog Cafe for water views, East Coast peel-and-eat shrimp, and a cold beer or two.

5. Sullivan's Island

When it comes to old-school cottages, small town charm, and a spotless beach to boot, you won't find a dreamier destination than Sullivan's Island. While neighboring Isle of Palms has a lively resort feel, 3.3-square-mile Sullivan's tends to fly under the radar–and the locals like it that way. Be sure to stop by Poe's Tavern on Middle Street for a killer burger before you head back toward town. Flip-flops and salty hair are always welcome on the front porch.

6. Bulls Island

Accessible only by ferry, this barrier island is 45 minutes away from downtown Charleston and feels far away from the comforts of civilization. A good way to see the birds of this untouched island, and perhaps a playful dolphin if you're lucky, is on a guided paddling tour. Comb the beach for shells, walk Boneyard Beach where a forest is being recalled by the sea, or track foxes, bobcat, and deer.

7. Edisto Island

About 60 miles from Charleston, Edisto Beach's unspoiled coastline makes it worth the drive. Stay beachside for a dreamy vacation, or take a day trip from Charleston. One of four oceanfront state parks in South Carolina, palmetto-lined Edisto Beach State Park provides the picture-perfect backdrop for swimming, hunting for shells and sharks' teeth, fishing, or strolling. After a day on the island's trails, savor some seafood at the Waterfront Restaurant or the tacos at McConkey's Jungle Shack.

8. Morris Island

Hunt for shells and fossils near the candy cane–striped lighthouse on this uninhabited island just minutes from Charleston. Accessible only by boat, visitors can opt for several tour options, including riding out on a 55-foot power catamaran that's for the more adventurous traveler. For photography buffs, view the lighthouse from the shores of Folly Beach.

9. Pawleys Island

It takes a bit longer to reach from Charleston than some of the other beaches, but the slower pace on Pawleys Island is instantly soothing. This barrier island packs a lot into its four-mile stretch. Set off in a canoe or kayak to explore the salt marsh that separates this island from the mainland, or settle in for a day at the beach. There's shelling, fishing, and crabbing to be done. Sign up for surfing lessons—some of the best waves are near Pawleys Island Pier.

10. Capers Island

Similar to Bulls Island, Capers Island has its own forest of forgotten sea-bleached trees covering the shoreline. At low tide, you may see feeding dolphins and water birds like egrets and herons searching for a meal. Discover tide pools as you walk the beach, hike the island to see gators and deer in their natural habitat, or paddle along the shores and see jellyfish and crabs. Reach this undeveloped island by chartered boat, or take a kayak tour to learn about the area's ecosystem.

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