General pest control services include

Ants, centipedes, millipedes, crickets, silverfish, spiders, ground beetles, pantry pests and roaches

Quarterly pest control

Initial inspection with full treatment of interior and exterior, Knock down spider webs

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within reach of extendable broom. Quarterly treatments include exterior treatments with interior treatments upon request. Automated system to send text to schedule appointments to avoid nuisance calls all the time to schedule services. Guaranteed services for 90 days. We come back between services for free if any pest problems persist. One time services Initial treatment includes a inspection of the interior and exterior to determine the pest problem. Treatment of the pest problem 30 day gurantee if the problems returns we will come back for free if needed


Mosquito treatments

Treatments run April – November Treatment plans are for every 30 days


Restaurant treatments

Detailed inspection report with pictures of services performed


Baseboard treatments

Bait kitchen and dining room for roaches Fly treatment around windows, doors,

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exterior of building and dumpster areas. Treat perimeter of building and knock down spider webs Optional add ons for restaurants Drain treatments, Rodent control


Rodent control

Lowcountry Pest Management is the best local company for rodent control.

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We know how to get rid of your rodents that cause major damages to your crawlspace, attic areas and even getting into walls. Inititlal set up include.

Inspection of crawlspace and attic for signs of rodents Inspecting for entry points, signs of damages, droppings, urine stains, nests, chew marks, grease marks from hair rubbing on entry points.
Setting mechanical snap traps in the attic and crawlspace. We do not use rhodenticides during the intital phase or they could die inside walls and areas that we can not find them causing horrendous odors in your house that would not go away sometimes for up to a few weeks.
Once we rid your home of the infestation we provide an estimate on sealing up all entry points and the clean up the attic areas and crawlspace areas to provide a clean safe enviroment from the possible filth and disease that rodents can carry.
We have products to clean these areas making it safe again.
Rodent maintenance plans after initital trapping includes Quarterly maintenance plan
Bait boxes around perimter of house that we monitor quarterly to help maintain around your home from rodents. We rebait them quarterly and use weighted bait boxes to make sure pets and children can not gain entry to our products. Safety if always our first concern!

Monthly Rodent control
Safety First with placement of bait boxes
Initital set up after trapping with bait boxes around perimter of the home
We leave traps under home forever so we inspect them monthly to check to make sure rodents are not getting back under the home
We rebait bait boxes every month as needed.
Guranteed service. If rodents get under the house after we have sealed up and cleaned we will reclean any areas for free if we have done the work.


Termite treatment

Initial inspection to determine if the home has termites Check moisture readings under

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the crawlspace as needed Signed contract on all termite treatments
Service guarantee. If termites return we will retreat as no charge
Semi annual inspections every 6 months to check your home for signs of termites. We want to check the home more often to catch any problems before they arise.


Wildlife treatments

Squirrels, possums, raccoons, rats,


Monthly snake treatments

Snake Treatment

Snake Treatment and Prevention

moisture control

Moisture Control