In the US, termites strike five times as many homes as fire and do more economic damage annually than all tornados, hurricanes, and windstorms, combined. Because home insurers do not cover termite damage, homeowners spend an estimated $5 billion each year, out of their pockets, to repair these problems.

When left untreated, termites have the most extended lifespan of any household pest, with individuals living up to 15 years under favorable conditions, and entire colonies living in homes for even longer. In this time, they may feed on the wood of home structures until little is left but non-supportive remnants, leaving a house that may be physically weakened and exorbitantly costly to repair.

Finding out that your home has termites scares most homeowners. Typically you can't see or hear them, and often only a trained inspector can detect an infestation. Treatment by a homeowner for termite solutions is virtually impossible. Specialized knowledge and equipment are needed for practical solutions.

Lowcountry Pest Management knows how important the defense against termites is to a homeowner. Our termite solutions include a bi-annual inspection (coming out to your house twice a year) instead of the standard one time per year, covering your home from the eastern subterranean termite. Most other exterminators do not offer that service.